Communication with others is an important part of our jobs. It may be with co workers, subordinates, boss, clients or customers. Most of our energy and time is used in this process at our work places. Effective communication is an art which is to be learnt and refined constantly.

Given below are some tips which may help you in this learning -

1. Two way communication –

You may

• Be the best authority on the subject
• Prepare the best speech or presentation
• Shout and blow your lungs
• Disclose the entire collection of abuses learnt in your life

All may go waste till the other party will allow to keep the material in his/her head which you are trying (or dying) to give.

So it is in your interest and part of your job to ensure that the other party is in best receiving state/mood. If not, than it is better to postpone the communication and focus on making the other person receptive rather than pushing around your points.

2. Confirmation Don’t safely assume that other party has understood you fully, since you spoke clearly. It is better to have a sample check in the end. Make it a habit to ask question(s) in the last part of any communication so that the other party is forced to state the facts as he/she understood which may be different than what you intended to say. Do it for critical issues at least.

3. Body language In direct face to face communications, it is not only the words that matters. Your tone and body language are read and accordingly importance is assigned to your statements. So be careful. Your body may leak out secrets for intelligent people to conclude meaning of your words. Use your body .Give out matching postures and gestures to your statements and control your tone. The best strategy in this regard is that you speak with full conviction and the appropriate body signals will be generated automatically. However it is not that simple as it looks. Many times we say things in which we don’t believe ourselves.

4. Your image – Unless the other party considers you reliable and trustworthy, they will not reveal their inner feelings and secrets to you. Image building is a complex and time consuming process. Try to project your image of a person who is open to discuss new ideas. You can even announce this in the beginning of the conversation. It will result in better communication.

5. To the point –
Many times we are not able to say our point directly. We prepare background and try to gauge the acceptance level of other party for the actual point. But in the meantime the other party deviates from /issue and sometime we are drifted from the main issue. In most of the situations it is better to communicate directly.

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