MindYourBusyNess: Work Place Blues

Work Place Blues

Where do you spend most of your time? (No, I am not being personal; it’s just a casual question) In most of the cases, the probable answer to this question would be ‘your work place’. You may be a secretary or the boss, a V.I.P. or an ordinary worker, a part time or full time worker, a freelancer or on pay rolls, you will agree that work is a very important activity of our lives. In most of the cases, it is your profession or occupation which gives you the social identity. A traditional workplace means an office and nine to five job, but in today’s world the meaning of work place has changed. A modern work place no longer confines to office building. A home, train, bus, car, hotel or park or virtually any location can be turned to a workplace (Thanks to mobile phone, laptop & Internet). Flexi-timings for employees and 24x7 for the customers are the norms today Despite the diversities in work, there are several work place issues which will remain common to all working persons. Some of these are - ü Comfort level at work place ü Job satisfaction ü Roles and responsibilities ü Recognition ü Rights ü Compensation This forum intends analyzing such issues and providing tips and tricks which will make you more comfortable, productive and relaxed at work place

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