MindYourBusyNess: BRAKE TIME


How monotonous we become in our routine official work? Have you ever realized this? You may be passing through meetings, workshops, seminars, table work, field work, phone calls and reports preparation; there is a monotonous pattern of working (which you have learnt and acquired) for this serious official work. Do you think about taking a brake? It is refreshing. You get rejuvenated. But two big questions are- ‘how much?’ and ‘how often?’ Well, it depends on concerned individual and situation. Listed below are common types of brakes which one must consider depending upon requirement and situation. Very quick brake – Its span is few seconds but you can take it any where. Chances are that no-one will even notice this. You can take this brake while answering a phone call or preparing a report or during a meeting. This short activity can be 'taking a deep breadth, pronouncing a mantra, cracking a short joke, closing your eyes, throwing a smile, clapping, whistling, making faces or any such activity which gives you pleasure'. Beware; if you are taking this brake in presence of others, avoid doing things which may be objectionable by others on any account. Quick brake between sessions - These are like commercial brakes during TV programs.You can insert these between any two sessions you are having on a busy day. It may be taken between two meetings, reports, phone calls or between a meeting and making a call etc. It can be 'singing/listening few lines of your favorite song (not loudly), Making a short personal phone call, drawing sketch/cartoon, lighting a cigarette' or any such activity. Beware, the brake activity timing should be much less than the timing of your sessions; otherwise it may not be tolerated by your boss, client or partner. Day(s) long Weekend brake –Most of us get this privilege. If you are deprived off this facility due to any compulsion for a longer duration please make efforts to earn it at any cost. Regular breaks keep you healthier and more productive. You may go out for dating, picnic, movie or whatever you love to do. Beware, don’t make it monotones too. Bring variety in your activities otherwise its purpose will be defeated. Days long Month end brake- Many of us do not think about this but after 30 days work .it is worth taking a brake for 2/3 days .if your employer allows this. This may be combined with other social/cultural/personal activates. Long brake at Year end At least a week long vacations plan every year should be there on your calendar. Don’t be miser and drop this on economic grounds –you can intelligently plan it within your budget. Preferably go out of your city and out of your country if you can afford. brake continuity has its down side also. When you come back to your work, you have to work extra to come to level. But the advantages are far more than the limitations.

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