MindYourBusyNess: The Boss

The Boss

For me the most difficult person to tackle with (apart from my wife) is my boss. How about you? Think of your boss and you are out of your comfort zone. This entity is unpredictable, unreasonable and unquestionable most of the time. Lucky are those who feel comfortable with their boss (all the time??) We are not so lucky to exercise our freedom in choosing our boss, like we do for choosing our spouse. Unless you are the number one person in your organization, boss is a relationship which you are forced to keep. Here are some tips to turn this relationship into a healthy one- 1. Know your position- There are some positions which are made strong and supported by the system in all conditions e.g. teacher(to students),Judge(to court),police(to accused) etc. Boss is also one such position. System will always try to support the boss whatever reasoning, logic or compulsion you may have. His/her instructions becomes binding on you while your suggestions can be easily ignored by him/her. So this relationship demands some extra care to be taken always. 2. Boss is also human – In spite of his advantageous position, boss, after all, is also a human being. So he/she can be approached. It all depend how you open a dialogue with him/her and put across your point of view. The dialogue may not be possible on your terms but if you are determined and have patience, you are likely to succeed. Perhaps you have to research a bit to know the possible ways to open dialogue with your boss. 3. Ask for a private meeting- If some issue is bothering your mind and it is affecting your performance, it is better to relive the burden by asking for a private (confidential) meeting with your boss. 4. Don’t eat up others time – Normally a boss to subordinate relationship is one to many. So if you engage your boss too much, he will start avoiding you. Boss is also like a web server to his subordinates and issues ‘time out’ signal to a slow request. Time is also a resource and you have to learn to share it with others. 5. Wear his shoes – If you feel your boss is not treating you nicely, just analyze how you treat your subordinates in similar circumstances. If you are honest in your analysis, you will realize the limitations of being a boss. 6. Straight dialogue- Put across your point of view in a systematic manner. Mention relevant facts & feelings. Don’t assume that he is already aware of some facts. 7. First complaint – Even if you are not satisfied with the behavior of your boss, complaint to him first. There are fair chances that matter will be resolved. 8. Be your boss –Every day before you interact with your boss, just organize your thoughts and do some self talk. Pretend that you are reporting to your boss about the status of pending jobs and your problems. This way you are always in the state of preparedness and can not be taken by surprise.


  1. Dear Deepak,

    The analysis of the issues and your viewpoint is very balanced.
    But sometime I have faced situation where the boss behaves one sided only.How can you overcome situations like this?


  2. Dear KD,

    I think we give powers to others and allow them to do things in our lives which do not suit us.
    Without our approval and willingness it is not possible for others to hurt us.
    In the given situation, dialogue is the only way out. find out means to open an honest dialogue.