If you are a working professional, then there are fair chances that you are familiar with the terms ‘Target’ & ‘Deadline’. How do you feel on hearing these words? If the memory comes with some uncomfortable feeling, you need to read this article. Where is my choice? – There are certain things where you have no control in selection. For example you can not choose your parents or color of your skin. Similarly if you are performing under a job contract, someone else fixes the intangible entities like ‘Target’ & ‘Deadline’ for you. Your position does not matter. The decision maker is some one else –an outsider (He may not be aware of your capabilities, limitations & preferences or he might have not considered these factors while creating these entity for you). The realization of this fact will change your prospective. Be the performer not the judge- Suppose you are staying in a hotel (which you have chosen as per your budget and requirements). It may not be the ‘best in town’ or your ‘dream hotel’. Now there are two choices. Either you start judging (and criticizing) the intelligence (or ignorance) of the person(s) who made this hotel-room for you and be relived of your burden of uncomfortable feelings. Or, the other choice is that you find the utility of the facilities available in your context and start enjoying them. Which one do you think is the better choice? Similarly you have two choices with your ‘targets & deadlines’-Criticize or perform (to achieve). Unrealistic Does your ‘Target/Deadline’ sounds unrealistic to you? That means that you believe in your assessment that it can not be achieved under given circumstances. What effect this will have on your performance? You will start performing your act as a ritual without any will and enjoyment. In that case you can not achieve it in any circumstance. Think from other prospective now. Why don’t you break the record? Look around and see the achievers in any filed of life. What ever they achieved was considered impossible before they did it. They were not like others who never dared to think of those targets and remained looser. Therefore if you focus your efforts on seemingly unrealistic targets/deadlines there are chances that you emerge as record breaking achiever. Long term analysis Targets come and go. Deadlines come and go. Life moves on. Sometimes you achieve target sometime not. Sometime you are not able to honor the deadline. What matters is your effort to achieve these entities. It is like a player who goes into the realities of victory & defeat. In the long run it is the ‘sports man spirit’ which is important not the victories or defeats which are short lived. But while ‘in action’ you have to do everything possible to achieve a ‘victory’.

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