Are you uncomfortable at your work place most of the time? Do you feel jealous about other’s jobs? Are you thinking about a job change? If answer to any above mentioned question is ‘yes’, then you should critically analyze and ask yourself, ‘Are you at a right place?’ The answers to following questions may help you in your analysis- Is that your place? - If you feel that someone of your capability & qualification is in a better position than you, just consider some more details- What price is he paying to maintain that position? Are you also willing to pay this price? What is his role and responsibilities? Visualize yourself under those commitment .Do you feel comfortable? How did he land in that position? Do you have similar opportunities available to you now? Profile - What are your natural talents and preferences? Are you able to use these to your advantage in the present position? Are your weak areas protected? Do you get a chance to develop in these areas? Compensation - Are you underpaid? Visualize yourself asking for a raise? Do you feel comfortable now? What are the justifications? Money plus - Money is an important consideration but it should not become the only criterion for judgment about your job. What else are you getting in the job apart from money? List and analyze the utility. Honest- Are you working honestly and wholeheartedly towards your job responsibility? (If your job responsibilities are not defined clearly, define it yourself considering stated and unstated expectations by your employer.) Growth - What are your growth prospects? Where do you see yourself after one /two /five /ten years in the present organization? Satisfaction Are you able to enjoy at your work? Can you often say with pride that you are working as ‘…XYZ’? (Whatever is your current job designation) Available options – What options are available to you as a new job? These options have to be ‘within your reach’. Moreover you should be able to take pains to adjust in the new role/challenges. If you answer these questions honestly, you will realize easily whether you are a fit or misfit in the present position .The answer to the above questions will also become a guide for your next move which may be ‘a change’.

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