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New generation

Our body is made up of many tiny body cells, which are building blocks of life. We are just a combination of this smallest form of living entities.
Not only person but individual cells live & die. The lifespan of some type of cells is just few days. The maximum life of any body cells is 7 years. This includes the cells of our brain also.
If that is the case, then we should completely change after every 7 years of our birth.
But we all know it doesn’t happen that way. It is a known fact that some portion of a person does not change with time. Some part of behaviour pattern and attitude of a person remains unchanged even through complete life time. In fact (s)he is known by these signature patterns.
Moreover, most of the old recordings in the mind do not vanish. These are available for play through appropriate triggers even after 50 years or even more.
How does this miracle take place?
The answer lies in the varying degree of lifespan of different cells. When a new cell is born, it inherits the basic tendencies from the cells around it and learns the behaviour pattern accordingly.
Similarly the cell passes the coded key information before its death to some of the surrounding cells. In case of accidental death, perhaps there is some backup system works as in the case of servers of computer data. Even in the worst circumstances, some loss can be compensated with estimation techniques.
Thus the key values and information is passed from generation to generation and system at macro level remains the same. Thus we are able to retain some of our values even after death.
In this process of evolution, each members of newer generation not only transfer the values and information but it may refine it also.
How wonderful is the process of life?


Our five senses (sense of hearing, seeing, touch, smell & taste) continuously load ouor minds with informations about the world around us. We decide our next step(s) to be taken based on the analysis of this information only.
This flow of information is continous and fast. We often get tired to tackle this information flow. It is because we become slave to our habbits, fell prey to market forces and does social adjustments. We also get lost in the web of dumped information in our minds.
We even identify ourselves on the basis of illusion created by the dumped information and conditioning/programing of minds.

To give our minds and bodies some rest and to know the reality, we have to stop dumping this information. This practice is known as ‘Pratyhar’ in yog(a) which is one of the eight limbs of yog(a) defined by Patanjali in ‘yog-sutra’.

Pratyahar also prepare us for the next three stages/limbs of yog(a) –‘Dharana,Dyan & samadhi’ by making the mind pure.

Miraculous powers

It is often said / believed that yogis and other spiritually awakened persons possess miraculous powers. For a common person, these persons can create wonders, similar to the work of a magician.

But there is a great difference between a magician and a spritualy awakend person. The magician ceates illusion in the eye of a common person and makes him/her belive for short duration under a devised setup that wonders are being performed by him. He does this for maoney as a profession.

On the other hand spritualy awakend persons can actually perform actions which are beyond the capability of an ordinary human body. He doesn’t do it to prove that he can do it but just spontaneous actions on the demand of situations.

 To understand this, let us consider paralance from telephony.Landline phone are the first generation phones. These were limited to a physical connection line or wire to operate.The user has to be on a particular location only to use the instrument/device.The limitation of location was overcomed in second generation mobile phones. This was donre by establishing wireless connection from device to base tower & a network of base towers for seamless shift of signal between the towers. The phone instrument, this way, became location independent.

The spritualy awakend persons are also, in the same way, second generation persons. They are (physical) body independent. Their powers are not bound to their bodies only and they can go beyond it.

Does that mean they can do anything?
Well, they have their limitations like the second generation telephone sets. After all they are human being like me & you. Just few shades better than us or ahead of us in the process of evolution.

Don’t care logic

In digital electronic circuit, out put is generally dependent of input values. Often sequence of these values are analysed before creating a design. Sometime the logical construct is such that the value of some input(s) does not matter for generating the output. Such a value is denoted by a ‘don’t care’ symbol. The ‘don’t care’ logics are used to minimize the logic circuit designs.

Our mind is also a logical entity. It controls our actions/thought & feelings. There is a fixed response pattern to some environment signals by the mind. The market forces takes advantage of this and creates forced decisions by creating false scenario or illusion through repeated impressions. It is done by professionals after much R & D.

Although it may not be possible to avoid such minute to minute traps completely, most of such logical construct can be rendered ineffective through the power of love.

When we are in the state of love, our minds use ‘don’t care logic’. It means you don’t care about the consequences of your actions to yourself. Your focus is on your beloved-the object of love. You care it more than yourself even your life.

Take for example the behaviour of a mother. She  may be uneducated ,poor, harassed, victimised or weak but will not fall into any trap laid down to harm her child by any manipulative forces trying to exploit her weaknesses. She works on don’t care logic. Her response is not dependent on her own welfare but always points to the best possible solution for her child.  Many times, she may not opt for the readymade easy solutions for the circumstances or prevailing conditions.

When analysed bit by bit (each action independently), it may not look economical or even logical. But if you see in totality, it is the best strategy to follow.


There is a great amount of similarity in the habit programs working in the mind and software program working in the computer. We can consciously write our habit programs but most often we do not create these programs as every user of the computer do not write or design software program for working on computer. (We just buy software programs and use these. Sometime these are automatically purchased with the purchase of a hardware gadget. One more variety is the free software available on the internet.)  We use many habit programs in our mind as we use many software programs in a computer which work in the background to do our jobs. It is not relevant that who has created the program.

 The two most important aspect of both type of these programs are-

 ‘What is that program doing?’ &
‘Is it relevant & economic to be used in our current circumstances?’

Habits and software programs both work on logical principles. In both the cases the work is a backend work. The user deals with its front end counterpart which is devices/body. Many times the user is unaware of the presence or existence of these programs.

Ever since we take birth, we are constantly programmed for habits by the prevailing social or domestic way of working in the area of our interest. We may even inherit some of the habit programs due to our unique position in the society/family. In our formative years, we learn new ways of doing things for first time and this technique is available as a habit program in our mind to be reused. As we grow up and come out of protection provided to us we also learn new ways of doing things in the area of our influence. The new learnt habit programs are initiated while old programs which are not relevant or economic are switched off. This acquisition of knowledge is a continuous process in the life of a person. As we keep adding new software programs in the secondary memory of the computer system, in a similar way we keep adding programs to our unconscious mind.

As we face situations in life, we keep on learning new techniques or refine the existing one. After repeated use of a technique it becomes a habit. Once the habit is formed, we stop paying attention to that aspect and use this mechanism as a resource. But when this process is applied to a situation, it is a logical (conditional) arrangement and well defined process.

Both the software programs & habits are harmless in their dormant state. These show their true colors in primary memory/mind when triggered and activated. These two entities are neither good nor bad by themselves. These are just ‘ways to work’. It can prove to be good or bad in the light of inner agenda of desires and prevailing outer circumstances. Therefore these must be judged dynamically with reference of these two forces and not by any fixed standards.

Yog(a) : realization of team work

If we look at the world's civilizations broadly, then a division is clearly visible. On one hand, there is a system in the countries like US and most of Western countries, where everything is tested on the basis of logic and science and very much importance is given to the person's actions and its consequences. On the other hand, there are civilization of India and other Eastern countries, where the system is based on belief, keeping faith and spiritual vision which gives greater importance to the concepts and feelings.
Often question is raised as to which one out of these two systems is better. Due to this comparison, often spirituality is considered as working against the logic and belief system working against the science.
Like the division of civilizations, our personality is also divided. On the one hand, our physical body, which gives karma based results, on the other hand there is spirit or soul which is an intangible entity.
At the core of this division is the human mind still a mystery to solve. According to the Nobel Prize  Winner 'Split Brain Theory' our brain is made of two hemispheres with ‘corpus callosum’ connecting  these two. These two parts of mind, though mirror images of each other physically, work differently.
 Where the left part, the analytical mind, performs calculations based on logic and words, the right part, the intuitive mind, works creatively or holistically based on picture and sound inputs.
Each part of the brain tends to work together in the decision making process.The overall intelligence  gathered by these two halves is the combined information of the mind.
 On the same logic, we should understand that logical and intuitional approaches does not work against
 each other but does a team work together as complimentary parts of same process.

  Yog(a) teaches us the art of watching the two forces of our mind in a non attached manner. The vision of a yogi is complete and unbiased. He enjoys events of his/her life as watching an interesting movie .On the contrary, the common man often keeps trapped in the vortex of life's ups and downs due to keeping a one sided or biased view.

The battle of Padmavati

The release of a film has become the battleground for two opposing forces in India. Although these two forces- ‘the liberals & conservatives’ always find some excuse to fight with each other but so intense battle on such a trivial issue is unprecedented.

In the focus of attraction is a character whose existence is debated as doubtful by most of the historians. Yet for centuries, this character has been kept alive and glorified by artists and common people.

The situation is so bad that even before seeing the contents of the film, people are vehemently and violently reacting to stop its release.Not only the ordinary public but powerful personalities including chief ministers have taken this stand and some of these have even banned the screening of the film in their states. On the other side, many liberals are advocating and pushing for its early release.

 CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) which is the appointed agency for deciding the issue has been thrown into background and made dormant.Thank God, good sense prevailed at Supreme Court which has refused to intervene before the release of the film after CBFC’s approval.

The phenomenon is a showcase of the complexities of the art of film making in India. The situation has come to this stage because both the parties have totally lost the faith in each other.

The indicators from the incident are dangerous. On one side, there are signs of poor governance as the government failed to read the mood of people and take proactive measures. On the other side, it is indicative of limited freedom available to the artist (filmmaker) which is just a profession in our society

Will we emerge as evolved society with better arrangements to settle such issues?
Can we see better governance, better film making and better controlled mechanisms for outbursts of reactions of janata /public in future?

Only time will decide.


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